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weird buzz and then tracks off time.


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Experiencing a weird issue with Logic Pro maybe someone can help me with.


• Using an Apogee Jam for instruments.

• Mainly recording direct in. No microphones. Just guitars and drum machines.


So..... in the middle of recording a guitar track, a weird buzzing comes out of nowhere for a split second. At first, I thought it sounded like a string going out of tune. It was frustrating but didn't seem to appear on the playback.


But later, I came to find that it makes my recorded track have a latency issue. EXCEPT that it plays the track ahead of time instead of after it. It gets off time in the payback even though while I am recording, it sounds perfectly on time with the metronome and pre-recorded tracks.


What's happening? I've been using Logic Pro for over a year. This is the first I've experienced this.

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