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Latency probs with Superior Drummer & other plug ins.


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Superior Drummer has now about 500 msec. latency when either clicking on the drum icons or even clicking on a note in the piano roll.

This has gotten worse in Logic X and Mavericks.

When playing superior drummer from midi data in a software inst. track , I usually bring the regions forward about -20 ticks just to get the drums roughly in time with the click. But that problem has always been there.

Also when putting a bunch of plug ins on the Master output channel like Multipressor , AdLimiter and Multi Meter,, the audio is totally out of synch with the display of the plug ins. Any one else had these issues and how did you fix them ??

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Multipressor and Ad Limiter are latency-inducing plugins. Don't use them when recording or editing, or click on the low-latency button on the transport (if included when customizing the toolbar)


Once you're mixing you have to set to your plugin delay compensation to All in Logic's preferences.

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Thanks Triplets. I was aware of the latency inducing plugs and setting the compensation to all doesn't change the fault. The audio is so delayed from the visuals of the plug in displays that I cant pick the difference when choosing "all" ,"audio and plugs" or "off'.

If I'm using Superior drummer or NI Battery, the audio is roughly 500Msecs after the visual display. It's not a deal breaker but I would be a lot more comfortable seeing the Multimeter or limiter working in real time sync with the audio.

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Hi Eric.


Basically I'm saying that since upgrading to mavericks and logic x , there is a much larger latency between the gui and the audio.


The audio is about 250ms behind when using latency inducing plugs on the master channel. And superior drummer and some NI insts can be up to 500ms or more when clicking on a midi note in the piano roll or clicking on a Superior drummer drum icon.


But it seems that the thread that Triplets has posted explains a lot

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The New Template makes no difference. Turns out the superior drummer 1/2 sec. latency is only in the initial instance when mouse clicking on S D drum icons or even clicking on midi notes in the piano roll . As soon as I play SD with maschine pads or send piano roll midi with logic playing,, the latency disappears after the first midi message. Mouse clicking then has no latency at all. Same behaviour with EXS and NI stuff .

I have not yet found any way to make the audio follow fader moves without the 1/2 sec. latency. This really turns mixing into harder work than it should. By the way this is the same latency that my wireless trackpad has when editing the right or left corners of arrange regions. So when using modifier keys I have to wait 1/2 a sec. or I get a menu I didn't want. Interestingly,, when using a microsoft usb mouse there is no discernable latency in the region dragging.

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