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Volume Automation not reading on one track? [SOLVED]


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sounds to me like the automation may be muted - i think there's an automation specific arrange page, to access it you have to bring up the event list then hit cmd+1 (my memory may be bad - if someone knows what i mean, please correct me!) - i've had that before, automation behaving incorrectly because of info on that page..
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The automation for that track is an alias instead of a region.

You can convert it to a real region by opening the Automation Event List via a key command.


Try this:


  1. Exit automation view and select another track. Not track 4.
  2. Hit the key command for the Automation Event list.
  3. Click on the little "return arrow" at the top left of the Automation Event list window do go up a level.
  4. Double click on the automation that corresponds to track 4. You can see that it is in italics.
  5. Logic will probably ask you to convert it to a real region. Confirm this and now everything should work fine.


Good Luck!

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Good to hear. Thanks Eric for solving this one. ;) I'm not sure why I wasn't even able to open the Automation event list on that project (the key command opened a regular event list instead).


Because if you had the erroneous track selected it would mis-trigger thanks to the Alias.

By selecting another track you could get the key command to work.

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