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Sample Rates


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Hi, I have been running Pro X for a few days now after a 20+ years with Cubase!


I just wanted to check a few things relating to sample rates.


1) If I import a audio stem that is 48KHz 24 Bit into an empty Pro X project set to 24 Bit 48KHz with the appropriate audio interface selected. The import progress box indicates a sample rate conversion is occurring. Surely this should not be necessary. Can someone explain this process to me? I want to import audio stems exactly as they were recorded with no sample rate conversion, these may be from various sources and DAWs!


2) I am importing a project from a series of Cubase export audio stems (wavs) these were recorded at 96KHz 24 Bit using a 96KHz 24 Bit interface. Can I import these into a Logic project set to 96KHz but monitor the project at 48KHz this allows me to use a smaller bus powered interface to do this. But I want to keep the project at 96K hopefully that makes some sense.


These are two separate issues - that said import 96K stem into 96K project and hardware set-up still shows sample rate conversion.


I am running Logic 10.0.6 in mavericks.



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I have been reading through the logic manual and discovered that it can do the output conversion on the fly, which is most useful. Can it cope with recording 48Khz into 96KHz project? Essentially up scaling which should be relativity straightforward from 48 to 96 (although I wouldn't expect that extra detail to suddenly appear!)


I am still confused by the sample rate conversion because every other piece of software (including the apples get info) tells me the files are 48KHz 24Bit therefore should not need any sample rate conversion!

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