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MainStage velocity maximum is 80


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I encounter a new problem with MainStage 3.0.3: using a mac mini, MAVERICK 10.9.1 (I'll try the 10.9.2 update, never know)


The maximum velocity is stuck at around 80.


In LAYOUT EDITOR, the velocity is set to MAX 127

In MIDI INPUT, velocity scaling goes from 0 to 127


I also used MIDI MONITOR, and the velocity responds up to 127.


BUT when I play a piano sound ( or any other sound) the response is horrible. it's like it's from -37 to +80, so if I hit soft on the keys, i hear no sound, and when I bang the notes, the sound is soft.


When I open Kontakt in mapping editor, I see the red lines (showing velocity) going at 80 max velocity, that's how I know that MainStage is filtering the velocity...


I tried many keyboards, and they all respond the same.


Any help would be appreciated.

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