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Is it safe for me to change to Mavericks?

Fran Carpenter

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Because of the online reviews on the App Store, I still haven't changed over to Mavericks because I am petrified that it won't be a smooth transition with my still Logic 9 and Sibelius 7.3 music programmes and other software which all works like clockwork at the moment. I can do without any frantic and desperate episodes trying to get my computer working. Shall I take the plunge? What software will I find, if any, that doesn't properly work or will immediately need updating?


I know I will need to update at some point, but I don't want costly upgrades and hundreds of updates on all my software just at the moment. Is it a big deal, changing from 10.8.5 to Mavericks? Will it take me ages to sort it all out…? :|


Thanks. Fran

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I went from 10.6.8 to 10.8.5 to Mavericks all within about a month and the only hard one was 10.6.8 to 10.8.5 because of the 32 bit bridge drop.


10.8.5 to Mavericks was very smooth and I had no problems. Simply got it from the app store, let it install and was up and running.

I always get nervous myself before upgrading my OS

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Edited for clarity only.


UAD said its a hardware issue. From UAD's perspective.


My personal experience: UAD solo laptop never connects to the computer at start up. Has nothing to do with logic being open or not.


To be clear, with Mountain Lion (10.8.x), the little green light on the Solo/Laptop turns on by time one reaches the login window for the OS—way before any LP involvement.


With Mavericks (10.9.x), the Solo/Laptop stays red and never will turn green. No amount of fiddling, reinserting, cold restarting, etc. will change this.

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