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Help with mobile set up

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Hi, just trying to establish my best option as the performance is not quite what I had hoped for here is my setup.


Macbook pro retina 16gb RAM internal ssd - Logic x, plugins

External Lacey 1TB thunderbolt drive - Samples, Logic projects


Currently I save and open my projects to and from the external drive.

Would I benefit from saving my projects to a second external drive and

opening from there to avoid any issues from sharing space with my sample lib?

Or perhaps drag the project from the external drive onto my Macbook only

when working, then saving back to the external drive?


I started a new project a couple of days ago with some recorded audio (4 tracks)

10 instances of Kontakt player running some string and horn lib all of which I have updated the sample pool etc

Most of the other Kontakt instances are running small cpu light patches.

Slate vcc and vtm on most channels plus some eq and one verb aux.

19 tracks total.


Reason for asking is that things are not quite as speedy or smooth as I was hoping for, I have already had to start freezing tracks due to overload cracking and popping audio etc. Buying an external ssd drive would probably sort this but prices for 1TB are rather high at the moment.


I am just trying to get the best possible performance with what I have, there is probably a very scientific and correct way to run this system, maybe someone has a suggestion?


Thanks in advance


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