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Change pitch of audio in Logic Pro X


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I need your help for a basic question!. I use an audio in my template and i need to bring it from key G to key C. Or I need to raise it one octave in a same key. How i can play with pitch to get exactly what i need? Could u describe plz step by step and preferably with snaps?

I have been adding and playing with plugins in logic pro x - FX > pitch but it doesn't give the expected results. Please let me know how to do it.




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Have you tried turning your audio file into an exs24 sample? That may provide you with the results you're looking for, however, I'm unable to provide step-by-step instructions (and screenshots) at the moment as I'm not in front of my computer. You can do searches on exs24, though, to get you started.
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Raising one octave for a number of algorithms can be difficult. that's not a close key change at all. You can try to go into the wave editor adn do the destructive pitch process there (under "factory" menu).


The exs 24 thing might be a good bet to try out too. Ultimately i don't think you'll love any of the results you'll get with that. It's a distant key for audio.

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many thanks guys for you help,


1- I was trying to apply the first method in raising the pitch (changing octave for the same key or even changing the key to adapt and audio that I have to the key of my melody). I was trying to display exs24 but all videos on youtube demonstrate it for a midi not an audio. I have attached the snapshot of my project I am using logic pro x. seems to be a powerful plugin.


2- Method 2: I couldn't see the factory menu. I went to editors and tried to look in the options under file and track but didn't find. There is an option under Functions > Time and pitch machines tried it before and look to be not user friendly in logic.


Thanks in advance guys for your help ;)



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Many thanks Eric. If I am not wrong this option is very easy in Ableton, my friend was showing me that he can change an octave up or down very easily like the Automation. I don't know if you guys have experience with other softwares but I believe we (logic) should have something easy and user friendly to do it.. :S
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