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2013LateIMac27in i5 3.2 VS i7 3.5

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I5 is good enough for about 50 tracks?

A little hypothetical case:

Let's assume the maximum power of the computer is 5,000 units.

Now you create a track with a simple instrument, which takes about 50 units - 5,000/50 = 50 so now you can run 100 tracks with that simple instrument - but wait, the amount of CPU a synth needs heavily depends on how many notes you play simultaneously, so if you play a simple C chord on all these instruments you suddenly can only run 35 tracks or so. Now load up a heavier synth, say it needs 200 - now you can only run 25 tracks, and when playing chords you might not even get to 10 tracks.

This is not an exagerated example, it is in fact simplified, in the real world you'd probablty never have the same synth playing the same chord on a multitude of tracks, but all sorts of things are going on, making the CPU work to the max at some points in a project, and hardly breaking a sweat in other parts of it.

So, in short: yes, you can even run as much as 256 tracks on an i5, easily, and you also can overload an i5 with just 7 or 8 tracks. It all depends on plugins and polyphony.

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