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64-bit and 32-bit Plugs in LOGIC 9.1.8


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LP 9.1.8


I'm confused here.


I'm Sorry for the length, but I'm trying to make sure you have enough info to answer my question.


Upgraded UAD plugins to 7.5.0 (for UAD-2 Solo/Laptop configuration).


Opened Logic 9.1.8 in 64-bit. It Scanned 90 plugs. All seemed well but my existing plugin instantiation for the 1176LN said "UAD UA 1176LN (32-bit)".


This confused me enough to call UAD support. Nice guy helped, we trashed a library file for Cache of audio units, then did the process again. This time 130 Audio units were scanned (again with Logic in 64-bit mode). At end of scan, only 3 plugs (of 11 total in the suite) were listed as failing. All three were/are part of Antares AVOX EVO 2, which is 32-bit.


So I rescanned plugs with Logic opening in 32-bit. This time is said it was scanning 140 (not 130) plugs. and no errors appeared at end of process.


Opened a project and here's what I see.


An existing UAD plug on a track is listed as "UAD UA 1176 LN Legacy (32-bit)".


Now, If I instantiate a new plugin on a blank spot, It says "UAD UA 1176LN Legacy". The term "32-bit" does not appear.


What's going on? Do I have BOTH 32-bit and 64-bit instantiations in the same project by what I've done?


I'm not ready for LPX which is ONLY 64-bit, but I see this as a real problem child. How do I prep for that eventual migration?


Thanks in advance for your help.

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Let me simplify.


1. Can 32-bit and 64-bit plugins both exist in LP9? I think so.


2. However, when scanning AU plugins, will it matter if it's done with Logic in 32-bit mode, or 64-bit mode, at time of scan?


3. If project was made using 32-bit UAD plugins, for which there are now 64-bit versions available, does one have to manually remap to the 64-bit version?


Sorry for all these questions in one post but they are so closely aligned to the overall procedure it would be counter-productive to have 3, 4 or 5 posts trying to articulate what is going on.


Thanks for any help.

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I didn't pay attention to when I purchased any newer UAD plug ins during the transision to the Mavericks system.


I do remember when I did the UAD 7.5 update, most of my plugins became 'Legacy.' Now any previous project I open automatically uses the updated versions.


If I want to use plugins that are strictly 32 bit (non UAD), then I have to work in the Logic 32 bit mode. However, there is no longer anything I really need 32 bit mode plug in wise.


I think the question has been answered in this forum, but I don't know the exact answer. There was a 32 bit bridge mode that may have worked on prior operating systems and so it may depend on all the combinations you are running (OS X and Logic).


So with Logic in 32 bit mode, it looks like the plugins that were moved to Legacy are now missing. It is a confusing mess to me.

I am currently staying with LP 9.1.8 and 64 bit plug ins. There are a few 32 bit things I miss, but my life will go on without them.

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