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Maschine 2.0 with Logic Pro X


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hey everyone im a new member. i just received a Native instruments MASCHINE MK2 with the maschine 2.0 software. what im wondering is how you would integrate the software with logic as to see each specific channel of maschine in an instrument stack(displaying the waves and allowing for direct logic editing). im not too fond with working with the whole scene thing in maschine along with logic so this would be a big help.


AND if i posted in the wrong section, i apologize

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Open Maschine as a Stero 16 output instrument. Then in Logic click on the plus sign in the mixer next to the fader to add individual outputs from maschine. In Maschine change the output of the selected sound from group/master to a output begining at 2 and your sound should be routed. This explanation is from memory so if it is slightly off I apologiz but this is the gist of it.
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