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Mp3 never stops bouncing? [SOLVED]


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I'm working on a mix and I want to send it to the artist via gmail as an mp3 file, so he can check it quickly and get back to me. This is my first time bouncing to Mp3 with Logic X. I normally do this through dropbox with wav files but this guy wont install dropbox on his computer as he said he had issues with it before.


I watched this vid on youtube

I'm pretty sure I've done what he has but when his mix is bouncing, that line bar going across the screen starts converting where his end marker is set. My end marker is set to 145. In offline mode it starts to convert/ends at 209, in realtime mode the line bar kept going until I hit escape at 350.


So I figured the away to stop the bounce where I want it (after where my marker is set) via the escape button but I would still like Logic to do it way its supposed to at the end marker i've set. I've just wasted an hour and a half trying to figure this out, I would really like to understand why Logic won't start converting/end bouncing where I have my end marker set.



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Hi Eric. The guy in the video had left that option checked and his ended at the marker so I had left Audio Tail checked. I just unchecked and it did the trick. Weird how he got it to end at marked with Audio Tail checked. Anyway it worked so happy days.


Thanks you very much

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