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Skipping Notes


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Hi, me again with another conundrum (logic seems to like to play games!)


I have a Drum Kit Designer set up with some hi hats, but logic seems to be skipping some notes. In one instance, I had a bunch of repeated hi hats with an Articulation ID of 2, for which many notes were being skipped. I switched them to a 1 and they work fine. But for other instances, such as the one in the video, I don't see what could be causing the issue. I've attached a video showing me playing one part over and over, and sometimes it plays the note and other times it doesn't. I don't have any controller information in the midi part. The skipped note is the first one that plays on the first run through, but its pretty obvious.




Thats the link to my dropbox file of the video. Its 8 mb, hopefully thats not too big a download nowadays.

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