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A trick to recover lost settings...


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Someone may have mentioned this before I find it very useful while setting up a new custom control surface, so here it is (again?)...


It's pretty easy when making a lot of control surface assignments to accidentally erase a whole zone or group. Since I haven't found a way to 'undo' actions in the controller assignments I close logic and restart after every major step. This keeps the settings file mroe or less current. Then anytime you make a big mistake like deleting an entire zone or even when logic just goes crazy and messes things up you can use 'force quit' (cmmd+option+esc) to close logic. Then when you reopen it will have the last revision (last time you closed and it saved the settings).


This probably isn't as reliable as backing up your logic settings each time you close but is a bit less tedious and can be done every couple or few minutes with a exported backup every major stage or so.

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I'm all for using whatever works. But keep in mind that that's a "dangerous" practice as it can easily lead to corrupted preference files:

- When you open Logic, preference files are loaded in RAM.

- When you change prefs in Logic, you're changing them in RAM.

- When you (properly) quit Logic, your changes are written to disk.

- When you force quit Logic, your changes are not written to disk.

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Thank you. Good to know. Besides I realized that it is a bit of a silly method because keeping the prefs folder open and making a backup copy each time you close logic (during each stage of setting up a controller) only takes a second or two.


The trick did however save me from having to repeat about two hours of controller mapping lost when I accidentally hit the delete key while an entire group was selected (instead of the individual assignment I meant to delete) that I was careless and hadn't backed up.


Lesson learned... While setting up a controller, always quit periodically and save cs pref file before continuing. Then risky 'workarounds' won't be necessary.

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