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Option-drag marquee selection from take into new track?


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Last night I was building a comp track manually from multiple takes in a take folder, rather than with quick-swipe comping (because the various takes were performed freeform rather than to a click). What I was trying to do was select a desired section of a take using the Marquee tool, and then Option-dragging it to an entirely different track where I was building up the comp track. (I've seen this done in PT elsewhere and thought it would work well for my needs here.) However, for some reason LPX would not allow me to Option-drag the selected potion of the take to any location outside of the take folder (I could Option-drag it into another take in the same folder, but that wasn't going to help me get the job done).


What I was eventually able to do was to copy the selected audio from the take into the clipboard, then manually switch focus to my separate comp track and paste it. But this process was quite a bit slower than it would have been if I could have just Option-dragged the audio selections to that track directly.


The strangest thing is, I was all but certain I had been able to do exactly these type of drags out of a take folder in the same file the day before, but last night I could not get it to work for the life of me. Did I imagine that? Or did I have some setting changed last night that stopped me from doing that? Or both? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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I'm sorry it wasn't that easy. You're right, I can't seem to remove takes or portions of takes from a take folder here either. Like you I have a feeling I've done this before... but I could be wrong.


Well, once again at least it's not just me. :D


What I think is especially strange is that it seems to me like it would be an operation that, under the hood, is very closely related to the cut and paste technique I ended up using. Why the former wouldn't work and the latter would is a source of puzzlement to me. But yes, I really thought I'd done this drag method the day before. I'll have to keep trying and see if I spot some other setting or circumstance that permits this.



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You can always locate the corresponding region in the Project Audio Browser, and drag and drop it from there.


If they were standalone full audio files then I would, but the audio takes were full length performances of the song that I'd have had to copy into a track and then massively crop to get down to the portions I wanted in my comp track. Wouldn't that have been at least as much effort as the cut-and-paste-a-selection method, if not even more effort? Or am I missing something about the Audio Browser (which I admittedly almost never use)?

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