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Programming Foot Controller to Turn Guitar Effects On/Off


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I'm transitioning over to a new MacBook Pro and Mainstage 3 for live performance and I have a show this weekend and I'm running out of time to keep searching and watch tutorial videos. None of them have answered these 2 questions.


I understand most aspects of MS 3 now, including mapping and assigning, but I need to know very specifically how to program my DigiTech PMC-10 midi foot controller to turn guitar effects on/off with a single tap for each.


1) Toggle, momentary, single or normal?

2) What cc should it send each time.


I would experiment and figure this out but the programmer for the PMC is messed up and it's notoriously difficult to change. I had to take it apart and I'm using a slotted screwdriver bit to make connections because the programmer buttons no longer work :?


After MS 'learns' what the PMC is sending, what should it show?


Thank you so much!


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What a headache.

After several hours, I finally got the midi controller to restore to factory settings, and one bank had 5 switches programmed to be on/off and that works! Mapped and assigned to various effects, they alternately turn on and off. Praise God!


Don't know exactly what the PMC-10 is sending out, but at this point I don't care! I can set up a template for all my patches and get ready for the weekend. The programmer is too fried to be of any use so I can't change anything else. I'll get a newer and better midi controller soon...


I can move through my sets and patches using my AirTurn pedals.

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I can move through my sets and patches using my AirTurn pedals.

Hi I'm trying to work out how to assign my airturn 4 pedals to do exactly this.  Please can you help me?  I've managed to connect the pedals to my Mac but just can't tell them to change patch up and down and set up and down.

Kind regards



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If you've connected your pedals and they're sending MIDI, there is a spot in the MainStage window (center top), where you can see what the MIDI information that it is sending. When you go into the layout mode, you can select a button and have it learn what midi you want it to react to. Make a program/patch change button, one for up, one for down, and assign them. 
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