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Real time WF / Oscilloscope Display in LPX?


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As I learn more about the various effects and how they affect sound clips, I notice that I dont see a real time display of the affect on a wf clip in the timeline.


Many video editing NLEs have the ability to display real time waveform (levels) and vectorscopes (chroma) to make sure things are as you want/need them to be with the outgoing video signal.


Does LPX have this function? When I apply a compressor to a clip, I hear the difference, but I dont see the change in that wf on the time line.


I am a returning newbie and could have very well missed where this function might be.


If not, are there any plugins that can do this very helpful display function?


Does this seem to fit the bill? http://www.bluecataudio.com/Doc/Product_OscilloscopeMulti/ I dont really need the multi function, so might another plugin be a better choice?

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Thanks mmGhost. I DL the AU version (which Logic Pro X prefers) and installed it in the Components folder (where the blue cat audio one resides). Logic does not see it. Its a rather old plugin from 2008 so that might account for the problem.
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