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Mid side eq


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I picked up CS Grand from IK the other day. On the Quad Lim or Comp I can do mid and side processing in the same instance of the plugin.

If I click mid I can see the ediiting I've done. Click side and the plugin gui changes to the editing I have done on the side, click mid and it reverts back to the edited mid and so on.


So I knew logic's eq's did mid side but never used it. After using the Quad plugs I pulled up an instance of Logic's Linear pahse eq on my master bus. When I select the mid I can see my edits. When I select side the plugin gui stays the same, so question is.


On the same source. If I want to do mid side processing with Logics eq's do I have to open two(or three is I also want to do stereo) instances one for mid and another for side?




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