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logic pro 9 64 bit question


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hey, maybe one of you more experienced logic users can help me with an issue i'm having. i've recently setup logic pro 9 for 64bit operation and now it seems when either playing back projects or using piano roll on a new one, from time to time logic seems to be causing my display to dim and once it does i have to restart my mac to get my normal screen brightness back. i haven't noticed any other anomalies, but it's pretty annoying and i'm concerned it's connected to a larger problem. what would be causing this ?
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thanks gdoubleyou,


it just did it in main stage with toontrack solo opened ,(was playing guitar thru main stage, and using toontrack solo to play ez drummer). i checked the energy saver settings and unchecked hard drive sleep setting, the monitor was already set to never sleep. i haven't restarted my mac yet to see if that was the problem, however the display didn't resume normal brightness once i unchecked the sleep setting. i have a gig tonight so i'll have check it out later.

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