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EXS sample key recognition

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I have a vocal track that I’d like to chop up, and so I decided I could maybe load it into the EXS 24 to play the different chopped up bits on the keyboard. It’s a good opportunity because I don’t work with Logic’s plugins a lot, and actually I rarely chop up samples to load them into a sampler. From what I remember the EXS is able to do this, I’ve done this a few times but the last time was probably back in 2009 or so.


Anyway, I’ll find enough tutorials about loading the samples in there, but my question is: is there a way for the EXS to recognise the key of a sample? If I remember correctly, there was a feature for that. But I might be wrong, it might just have been a field where you’d enter the key yourself. I thought it would be cool to have the sample play on the correct keyboard key, you know? :D



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Alright :) Is there perhaps a way to find out the key then? I mean other than in the EXS. That would probably spare some time, because if I have dozens and dozens of samples it can take quite some time to go through all of them.
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I’ve found a great feature which is basically to convert an audio region to EXS sample zones: http://support.apple.com/kb/PH13049?viewlocale=en_US&locale=en_US


I thought this would give me all the notes of the vocal recording I’m using, because I remember using a feature like this one, but instead it kind of assigned each word or half a word to a key of my keyboard. Basically now I can play vocal cuts on my keyboard, which is amazing. Just had plenty of fun :)


Before I did this, however, I checked out the Flex Pitch thing. I can see the notes, but is there a way to get them out of there? I think that would be the option I said I used once.



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