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Dear Producers,


its time to get some infos on updates in Hardware and workflow with Logic for my future work.


My focus is Logic compared to the capabilities to Pro Tools HD.


As I figures out the advantage of AVID lies in the Pro Tools HD Version, which expands the zero Latency Power to PCI cards. However, what is the thing to work in the same way with Logic. The old problem is the Buffer reduction to get an appropriate feel when Recording, right? This is a compromise I wish to avoid, if possible at all.



1)Audio wise I use RME Hardware, which has a build-in Zero Latency Monitoring Section (Total Mix), no software monitoring needed here. So far so good. How does Logic react in an ever growing Project regarding additional huge amounts of Plug Ins (3rd Party as well) and Live recordings. Say you have already 50 Tracks with a good mix and you want to record guitar track overdubs..., okay.


2) How do you solve this issue with internal MIDI Instruments?

Plan B: Setting up an external MIDI Device for recording on high buffer size to have proper monitoring to play the notes into LP, okay,




How does Logic react on this, when Playing Midi notes on a high buffer size in terms of proper in sync alignment of the midi events in the timeline.


What machines would you recommend at the moment, Hackintosh, newest MacBook Pro, MacBook 2012 Pimp...


The main question, Is it possible to mix and record n an ever growing project or is it necessary to seoerate this into two steps:


1) Record all audio and Midi, with compromising sound, regarding buffer settings, using less as possible low quality Plug Ins

2) Mix the finished project.





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On my computer Logic runs 4 headphone mixes, the talkback, several bits of outboard gear and I have recorded on about 20 tracks simultaneously without problems. The project has contained anything up to 100 tracks or so.


I don't use TotalMix (apart from using the matrix to duplicate some outputs here and there), it's all software monitoring with the buffer size set to 32. I don't think anyone's ever noticed any latency or anything. When recording I don't use many plugins, mainly just compressors and EQs, but I don't think I'd have a problem if I started using more CPU-intensive ones.


If you have to turn up the buffer size, Logic will compensate for the delay, even if you are playing an external MIDI device.


Technically you don't need to separate the recording / mixing stages but conceptually it's a good idea to do so. If your computer runs out of horsepower at the mix stage, then you can crank the buffer size up as far as you need to as you are no longer in need of any low-latency audio.


As for recommendations, hackintosh all the way!

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Dear Fastfourier,


cool! Thanks for your quick help. Sounds good.


What is the critical situation in recording whilst having lots of plugs going. Does Logic Pro always care for proper alignment, when in Mixing Stage. I have several projects pretty done so far that I would like to overdub here and there for revision and finetuning. I once went through some difficulties some time ago, but didn´t really figure the issue out. Some thoughts of colleagues in that terms where on mastering Plugs in the Master...


Thnaks for advice







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You can always use a lot of plugins while recording as long as the CPU can handle it. With most of them the latency is so low as to be unnoticeable. A lot of mastering setups will introduce high latencies, but by the time you use them you should be way past the stage of needing to record stuff anyway.


If you already have high-latency plugins in your project and you want to overdub, use the "low latency mode" which will bypass any plugins which introduce latencies over a certain time (you can set it in Preferences->Audio->General)

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Yeah Fastfourier,


okay, convinced, Sounds perfect...

Thanks, buddy. Would Need a good machine now. What ´d you suggest? Think about a MacBook Pro which is expensive at the moment, but would love to be flexible. What about the MacBook Pros of 2012? Is the Hackintosh performance far away from the laptop idea





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I'm afraid I'm not too knowledgeable on the laptop side, I do 99.9% of music related stuff in a studio on my hackintosh. But there are plenty of laptoppers on here who would be able to help you out.


If you build a desktop hackintosh then yes, you'll be able to build a very high performance computer which will far outstrip a laptop. And, it will be cheap! And you'll probably have a lot of fun putting it together as well!

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