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anyone setup a 'render farm' w/mbp and macmini?

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I'm trying to wrap my head around this concept of having 1 main computer running osx+apps and other computers used for rendering, plugins, vst, samples, etc., basically anything that eats up CPU.

I have a 2012 mbp now and was thinkin of getting a macmini maybe two and connect them together. I like the idea of having more than one CPU for processing and I'm assuming it'll be beneficial. I'm not sure what it takes exactly to get them running together as I'm just getting into this. I'm aware of Vienna pro 5 software which allows for easy connecting multiple computers but I don't to use it so I'm wondering if it could be done without any extra software.


So, anybody has some first hand experience with this type of setup?

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The plan is to get the mini w/last osx installed then switch to logic x/64 bit.

I've read some info about vep5 running plugins on a slave machine gives you quite a bit

of latency, up to 10ms, not happy about that as my main issue is having lots of plugs eating

the CPU when working.

Does anybody here have this type of setup and could chime in with some details?

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Seen this?




n6smith reckons no noticeable latency, so perhaps some of the problem is users having non-gigabit stuff in their network?


Or maybe his idea of "noticeable latency" is different to yours: 10ms is equivalent to being 11 feet from an instrument.


Maybe posting on the Vienna forums would get you a reply quicker?

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