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Question about exporting tracks/stems


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Hey so I am using Logic Pro 8. I need to give all of the tracks in my song to a mixing engineer. I clicked export tracks and it was successful expect for the automation didn't get transferred for some reason. please help? whats the best way to do this efficiently? thanks
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I'm pretty sure you'll have to bounce them one by one.


Quickest way is to mute all regions in the arrange, click the track header you want to bounce and unmute (press "m").


Unless you've been told otherwise, bounce to 24bit .wav at the sample rate of the project.


Edit: and don't normalize.

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ok cool I'm doing that now but the end and start of the songs are always changing randomly is there a way to make them permanent?


Set the green bar (loop locators) at the top of the arrange window to the length you want to bounce.


Edit: Quickest way is to select all regions and use "set locators" command.


Make sure you bounce all files from exactly the same point, otherwise the person mixing it will have to work out where everything goes.

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