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Playing Project SAM for EXS within VE Pro Using Kontakt

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About the only thing keeping me in EXS at this point is some beloved Project SAM Brass and percussion sounds. I've done the Pro Audio Input trick with VE Pro, and I can place my EXS output in MIR. But is there a simpler way with a minimum of sample conversion to load these Project SAM sounds in a VE Pro channel?


I've still got the Multi Format disks (EXS, Kontakt and Halion).


Am I right to assume that the Kontakt Player 5 can be nested as an Audio Unit within VE Pro to play these SAM sounds? I may lose some of the specific filtering and performance behavior from my EXS matrix mod, but that's a price I can pay.


And I can get this Kontakt player free?


Sometimes when we try to streamline, things just get more complicated. Any thoughts are welcome.

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Thanks Jordi.


Free, indeed, but the EXS to NKI conversion, I have learned, is a time-limited matter for the free player. No problem. Back in the day, I converted a lot of formats with Translator and Giga Convert. It's so hit-or-miss, I can no longer make a purchased with format conversion in mind.


So the only real-world answer is to buy the re-issued Project SAM Brass and True Strike libraries, which come with a complimentary Kontakt player (and translation is no longer needed).


As a long-time previous owner of SAM (with documentation), I'm hoping for a discount.

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