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Recording busses to audio tracks…coming in Dry [SOLVED]


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I've created an audio track with input set to a bus. I'd like to "bounce" a sub mix to it. Unfortunately, the recorded track is dry (without the FX assigned to the bus). I can understand why that would be the default result, but I would actually like to print those effects to the audio track.


Is there a setting somewhere that will allow this?

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When you say you have "effects assigned to the bus" I suppose it means that your bus is routed to the input of an Aux and that you have inserted effect plug-ins to that Aux? Then route the output of that Aux to another bus, and record that other bus.


Bus 1 has a reverb on it. I create a regular audio track with input assigned to Bus 1. The correct sound is recorded on the audio track, but minus the reverb. I would like the reverb printed with the sound. Is this possible?


I am doing this to create several "stems" of my mix at one time. I have tried the "Export track as Audio" option on a Bus track but without success. See my other post.




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Following up…


David, I now better understand what you are saying. I need to extend the chain so that Bus 1 is routed to an AUX with the reverb which is then routed to Bus 2 and then I should record Bus 2.


I see the solution, but it's a bit complicated.


In any event, I'll try it out. Thanks!

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Sounds like you got it.


•  Before, you were routing the dry signal to a new track (to be recorded) AND in parallel, to the aux where it was processed by the reverb, and the reverberated audio was then routed to the stereo output.


• Now, you are routing the dry signal to an aux where it is processed by the reverb. From there, you are routing the reverberated audio to a new track (to be recorded).

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