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Hyper editor custom drum kit?


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sorry for total NOOB question. but i finally found out about the hyper editor after using ultrabeat for quite a while. (I will be getting battery 4 in the future)

however, it only lets me play the instruments/au plugins/instruments. So, i can only use "drum kits" in the hyper editor as my instrument. so what can i do to be able to use my kicks/hi hats/ other percussion sounds that i have as .wav? i believe in ultrabeat it was just a drag and drop, but how do i configure my own drum kit to work with the hyper editor?

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Not quite sure I understand what the issue is from your description, but if you drag the loop you've created in Ultrabeat into the arrange window as a midi part, with UB as the instrument, you can go into the Hyper Editor and edit the part whatever the source sounds in UB are. So create the kit in UB using your wavs by dragging and dropping, drag the loop into arrange, edit in Hyper Editor.
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