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Toggle Zoom Command Does Not Un-Zoom


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A time saver when it works, pure elegance when automating many small tracks. But please tell me if this is a bug or my error.


I set the command at "Z" and select a region. Zoom in. Great. Don't touch a thing, hit Z, zoom out. Perfect test run.


BUT, zoom on a region, draw some automation, adjust a border, hit Z, and nothing happens. Maybe sometimes it shifts a little to the right.


Rub my face like Curly. Zoom. Wait. Hit Z again. Goes back perfectly. Try again, make a change of some kind, and hitting z a second time takes me nowhere.


No "nyuck, nyuck" here. I'm baffled again by another very simple procedure.


All of this is happening to me in Arrange, on 9.1.7.

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Part user error, part bug, maybe part bad design.


Toggle zoom, then say adjust the automation. Now the *node* is selected, so if you toggle from there, it repositions according to the node. It should toggle back to the original zoom. It should be zoom, do your business, then un-zoom.


It should not be zoom, do your business, then zoom in even tighter on the business you just did. That's not a toggle. That's a progression.


Anyway, back to the example: after you adjust the node *unselect* it, then hit toggle zoom again. It goes back...


But not to the original zoom. At least, not here. It returns to a different zoom, farther out, but not from the starting point.


Here's another example: in Piano Roll, select your notes, toggle zoom, adjust note velocity. Toggle again, you re-zoom on the notes, although the window may move little or none.


Important distinction. It's easy to unselect notes because of the Piano Roll background. But when you're zoomed in Arrange, and automation is enabled, there's very little background on which to unselect. So another key command (deselect) is introduced in what should be a simple, intuitive sequence.


My workaround in Arrange is to Save Zoom 1 as a basic zoom level before I start using the toggle zoom command. Then I make a selection, toggle zoom, do my work, and get back using the Recall Zoom 1 command.

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I know; it worked fine in Logic 7, if memory serves.

I use this now, with Z for the first key command and Shift-Z for the second:


Zoom to fit Selection vertically and horizontally, store Navigation Snapshot



Navigation: Back


This will allow you to get the behaviour that you'd like to have with Toggle Zoom

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"...Z for the first key command and Shift-Z for the second."


I just assigned them. Yours is a better work-around. Thanks.


The more I think about it, the more I suspect it's a bug, as the magnifying tool modifiers do not require any deselection to return to the previous zoom.


I wonder how it works in Logic X.

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BUT, zoom on a region, draw some automation, adjust a border, hit Z, and nothing happens. Maybe sometimes it shifts a little to the right.

That key command toggles the zoom between the current level and the selection (if there's one) or all contents (if there's no selection).


1) You are at zoom level A. You select a region.

2) You press Z and Logic zooms in to blow up the selection to zoom level B.

3) You adjust the border of the region, making it a bit shorter or longer.

4) You press Z and Logic zooms in to blow up the NEW selection to zoom level C.


From now on, pressing Z will toggle between zoom levels B (current level) and C (selection), as expected. If you made a slight adjustment to the region, then the zooming in/out is minimal and there's very little difference on your screen when pressing Z.

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Hi David. Yes, you've explained what Camillo Jr. and I were describing. So it's not a bug after all. The modifier plus magnifying tool commands and this particular key command are two different kinds of "toggle zoom."


You've used an example where the additional zoom may be of some value. In my original example, adjusting even a node on the automation track re-zooms on the node (though just barely). And if one were to continue tweaking the automation, there's no getting back to the original view (usually more of Arrange) without another command.


So, I guess if the user intends to tweak up a region's automation with four draws, "Toggle Zoom" will eventually strand him between zooms three and four, back and forth... even though the initial zoom was sufficient for all the node drawing he needed to do... and "toggle zoom" doesn't really zoom anymore after the second node is drawn.


Moral: If you're drawing TB automation with the intent to zoom, draw, and return, don't use this KC. :-)


Cheers to the alternatives.

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I agree with you that it's not user-intuitive. It's only after having it explained to me that I understood what was going on in my example. Like you I was expecting to be able to zoom in on the selected region, slightly resize it, and zoom back to my previous level (meaning, before I zoomed in). But instead it would only slightly shift and barely zoom in...


Then again, there are situations where the actual behavior is useful, for example select a bunch of small regions to locate the one that has an issue, press Z to zoom on the selected regions, listen, then select the one that has the issue and press Z to zoom in on it.


As for the automation node situation, I can understand how that would be (very) annoying. :(

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