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Midi channel/velocity/ events list problem LPX


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OK I will try to describe this as clearly I can. I have a track its Cello ensemble Kontakt, a fairly simple melody line. I copied it down from another contact track that was for Viola. I have made some change to the cello line to create some harmonies and decided to pull all the velocities down to fixed and redo them. I used the midi transform option to do this, I noticed that the velocities were not showing in the Midi draw window? When I went to play this back all but a few notes were silenced after a bit of reading and thinking I found out that the midi channels had become randomised. (I had created a duplicate track the original all notes on channel one) As soon as I reset the channel on any note its all good, however,


I wonder why this happened in the first place?

How can I change them all back to channel one? or do I have to do it note by note?

And why do the little velocity sticks not show up in the midi draw window?


This is not an imported Logic 9 project

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