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How to browse quickly in Logic, like Ableton?


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Is there an easy way to browse, search, and play loops, samples, instruments, etc. In Ableton I hit CMD+F and enter a term...regardless if it's a AU or .wav Ableton shows me as long as it's in my folder list, I use my key pad to scroll down to AU or sample, hit enter, it loads on track..fast workflow. This is a huge factor in getting ideas down fast for me and so far I'm stuck to my mouse in Logic when browsing for plugins and samples. If anyone has a fast workflow for searching AU's and samples, please share.
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I use Live as a secondary DAW, Logic has a lot more moving parts, more complexity.


In the Library you can search on various levels, Patch, Channel Strips, instrument presets, and effects presets.


Then there is the Apple Loop tab, where you can search and audition Apple Loops at the project tempo.


With the Browsers tab, you can search Project audio, all Media on your system (audio, video, images).


Do you have Advanced Tools activated in your preferences?


It's best to learn the key commands for navigation.



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Yes I have advanced tool on.


I can see that you can search virtually everything which is good, but it always defaults to the same place on the hard drive All Files User/Music


Can I not set up a custom group of folders that I use all the time to browse through?

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I believe you can use the screenset feature for this. For example, I think you can can edit screenset 1 to show the browser, open to a specific folder. Whenever you recall screenset 1, I think it should have that folder ready for you to browse. I don't have LPX in front of me, so I can't guarantee, but give it a shot?
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