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new member question!!!hi to you all


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i ve just got logic pro and i can say i am very excited.So many things to figure out though.i have a simple question i have dled David's ultrabeat preset to use with my drum samples..is there a quicker method to preview samples?it really slows me down if lets say i dont like the kick and i want to change it, to load sample again,navigate to the drum folder and then tick the preview button....
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Actually, you can audition samples right in the Mac Finder, then drag them into the sample field in Ultrabeat directly.


Even better, there's a wonderful app called AudioFinder:




which makes auditioning and processing samples a joy, and you can drag them directly from that too.


Or, you can use Logics Project Manager to browse to your sample directory and audition there, then drag'em in.


Many choices.

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