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Audio files change when tempo is changed [SOLVED]


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I have follow tempo off and upon changing the tempo, my audio files either change pitch or don't change position/visual length as usual so things become out of place. I had bounced a busy unfinished project in order to record one verse and the hook free of recording issues. The actual proaction was at 58BPM and the recorded profile file is at 120BPM. changing the tempo in the recorded project does produce the desired results. also when importing my entire recorded project into the instrument project the audio is pitched up. and what is weird is if i import with the I/O box checked, the audio files sound normal but then my entire instrumental project is pitched down. there is no varispeed in either project
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Both projects and all files are at same sample rate. 44.1 kHz. no apple loop conversion and no flex time activated. I've tried using SMPTE lock vs not using it. I've tried removing tempo information. Even though they are pretty much similar, I don't know if it is because they are aif instead of wav? and in order to upload to the forum do they have to be in a zip format?
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Ok: gave it a try, the audio file behaves as expected (does not change in pitch/timing when changing the tempo of the Logic project).


Can you do this?

1) Take the Logic project that exhibits the issue.

2) Choose File > Save As to make a copy of the project file.

3) Discard all unneeded tracks to keep only the track that shows the issue.

4) Attach that simple issue-project to this thread, I'll have a look.

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