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Logic is not compensate release of UAD DSP plugins


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Uad octo DSP plugins systems (PCE)

Logic Pro X

Mac Pro (DUO xeon, 16 gb RAM), Maverick

Apogee Symphony I\O + Symphony 64 (Pce)


Logic is not compensate release of DSP systems (I sure this problem to be on TC Powerplay too). After inserting more one plugins Logic cannot compensate release of track and destroying vertical of music. Not possible use group tracking (by AUX), because release stay bigger. Not possible mixing. This problem was on Logic 9 too. In this time not possible using Logic with UAD plugins

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I meen exactly audial compensation! Logic cannot compensate exactly DSP system. Maybe he cannot work with DSP. UAD system calculate all insert plugins in own DSP PCE card. not on CPU of Mac PRO and released to Logic. But Logic cannot compensate this release (for example Pro Tools calculates the delay perfectly, showing her in numbers right on track). Иut I bought the studio is Logic, but now it is simply impossible to work. Very rarely use software plug-ins, so ak UAD - the global standard for quality. Because this bugs (or have not options) just could not pass some very recently important projects than was very unhappy customer. On the specifics of the material mix as songwriters, and the whole film projects, music for plays. etc.
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Logic compensates for UAD plug-ins perfectly.

There is no visual meter that shows you the amount of samples that the plug-in reports to the PLC engine but it does work.

Latency has nothing to do with if the processing is done in the primary CPU or if it is done on the UAD SHARC chip, although the communication and conversion requires a larger buffer


Optimizing Your UAD's Performance for Logic Pro

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for example

I have drums tracks - Bass Drum, Snare, HH, Toms

After adding UAD plugins all instruments offset - NOT grafical - AUDIO. BD offset on ~5 ms, Snare on ~8 ms, hh on 2 ms and after this all composition listening as madhouse. Are you understand? Resume - have not compensation, If I stay out of these track to bus and stay this bus to in of group track - offset stay bigger

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