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Help timestretching varispeed Vocal takes


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So I messed up some of the vocal takes to one of our songs and the artist has flown back home.


Basically the song was originally at one pitch and tempo and the vocalist was having a difficult time hitting the notes and getting the performance right. I decided to use varispeed to lower the pitch and in the process slowed down the song. I used Varispeed in Logic 9. While this changed the feel of everything I thought it might be usable but have decided that I want it back to the original tempo and maybe pitch as well. I think I still have better takes that I could use and would like to speed up the song and maybe even raise the Pitch back up to the original.


Originally I thought that if you record a vocal with varispeed it would preserve the original recording that way if I wanted to change it I would just pitch it up and/or speed it up with the time stretching algorithm.


What I didn't realize is that the original audio file recorded in Logic at the higher pitch with Varispeed. So in order to hear the recording the way it was originally recorded I have to use varispeed -5%.


This is obviously a problem since I wrongly thought that I could use the the standard time stretching algorithm to change the pitch and speed of the vocal without affecting the formants too much. But now I realize that because recorded with Varispeed the entire vocal has a slight chipmunk effect when raised up to the original speed of 0%.


Is there anything I can do to fix this problem? I just want to pitch up .89 st and speed it up 3.5 bpm


Currently I am playing the take at original speed and using Melodyne to globally lowering the formant by .9


Not sure if there is a better way to address this...



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