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Reboot 2008 Mac Pro vs. 2012 i7 Mac Mini

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So, I just loaded a seq. with 30 tracks of Kontakt (Alicia's Keys) each with 4 instances of Space designer onto my 2008 Mac Pro Tower. (10 GB RAM).


I then did exact same thing on a brand new i7 Mac Mini (16 GB) The Mac Pro really held its own before all 8 cores hit their max and Logic finally said OVERLOAD.


It's an expensive gamble to test out, but if I bumped the 2008 up to 32 GB of RAM, would I be able to triple the amount of instruments and fx loaded?

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I know what the specs say, but in actual usage, the 2008 completely held its own against the i7 that has 1600MHz RAM. I'm not talking about how long it took to do an offline bounce or anything like that, but for pure track count and plugins installed, the Mini crapped out very soon after the Pro. (And the Mini had 16GB over the Pro's 10GB.)


I only posted this because people always quote RAM speeds and # of cores. I wanted to see real results from a real Logic session.

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I didn't think I could triple the plugins - I was asking if it would work.


I didn't want to spend the $ only to get a marginal boost. But when the Pro had 10GB and the Mini had 60% more RAM, there was really only a marginal operating difference on the big session (at least according to Logic's CPU monitor.)

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