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Logic, Interfaces, and Midi

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I'm trying to set up my first rig, but I want it to be extremely good for my rather limited purposes. I already bought a couple of macs and a couple of external hard drives and I will buy Logic as soon as I figure everything out. I haven't purchased it yet because I don't know exactly how to install it on my virgin mac. But now I want to figure out which interface to buy.


Typically, I will be recording voice OR guitar OR midi keyboards OR some combination of the three (so theoretically all three at once).


I figured out that I want to have something with good DSP resources so I can have some effects and very low latency so the singer can hear himself in the mix. And also so the guitarist can hear himself in the mix. And lastly, AND HERE IS WHERE MY IGNORANCE REALLY COMES IN, so that the midi keyboardist can hear himself in the mix.


Now I chose Logic in part because everybody said how great the instruments were. Now I want to use them in real time with very low latency.


How does that work exactly? I think I understand how the voice and guitar signals work. But I have no idea how the MIDI is supposed to work live/inrealtime with low latency with Logic instruments.


What kind of interface should I get? Half the ones that I am looking at don't even have MIDI. I was looking at Babyface, Apollo Twin Duo, and an REM one. (Only one has MIDI.) (I haven't chosen a keyboard yet).


I'm not even sure why you need MIDI on an interface since the instruments are somewhere on the computer.


I'm basically obsessed with guaranteeing low latency for the vocalist and the guitarist and so know I need DSP, but now I'm trying to extend that to MIDI keyboards and the logic instruments, but I'm totally clueless as to how that is going to go down.



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