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inputs become distorted and crackle

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I've read a few posts along the lines of problems with inputs. I think my experience is a bit different though.


After I leave logic pro for quite a few hours, for example overnight, the input monitoring becomes really crackly and distorted.

Relaunching the audio engine or Logic Pro X sorts it out.


I'm using a Motu 896HD. Direct monitoring through cuemix is fine. General playback is fine as well.


Anybody have any suggestions, ideas or similar experiences.


My system:


Logic X 10.0.6

Motu 896 HD


Energy Saving:

Sleep: Never

Display Sleep 15 min.

Hard disks sleep when possible.

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Thanks Triplets for the tips. HDD is in Insomnia mode now.


Nevertheless this problem wasn't something I experienced with previous versions of Logic. Seems to me a pro piece of software should be quite at ease with being open 24 hours 7 days a week etc.

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