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Crystal free synth: installing extra patches?

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Hi all,

Looking over on the list of freeware plugins here I found high praise for the Green Oak's Crystal soft synth. So I went and downloaded it and installed it and it works fine in my LPX. (in fact it sounds FANTASTIC!)


Someone said that it's very well worth downloading the extra patches, too. So I did that.


At the Crystal website it suggests this method for installation:

On OSX, put the CrystalPatchBanks folder into the /Users//Library/Application Support/Crystal folder. (On OSX 10.7 and above, to locate the Library folder in the Finder: hold the Option key while selecting Library from the Finder's Go menu).


I've searched for the Crystal folder and I can't find it. I think I've thoroughly searched my system for it, to no avail...

Can anyone suggest why this might be?




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Providing that you have the same system than mine ( :idea: hint: post your system's specs in your signature as stipulated in Board rule #5):

(username)/library/Application Support/Crystal/CrystalPatchBanks

If you don't have/find the Crystal/CrystalPatchBanks folder(s), create them. Then copy/move the downloaded patches banks files (*.fxb) in there. You may have to quit and restart Logic/Crystal to make them available in Crystal.


Man! Does that synth sounds good or what!? And the author does'nt even want donation! :shock:

Anyway, I bought the iPad app just to encourage him!

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