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Peak level meters


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Ok. I am recording drums using 7 tracks. When I tried a test take I noticed that some of the tracks' playback was not working. It was very muted and only coming out of one output monitor (left). Then I noticed that the peak level meters on the tracks that were messed up was green but read anywhere from -86 to -90. It seems they should be red to heave such an extreme number. I try to reset them but when I raise the volume fader back up , it goes beac to that same hight number. I use a presonus firestudio and I tried lowering the levels ther but nothing. When I was doing the take nothing seemed to be clipping and I'm feeling tapped on options that I know of. Anybody got experience with this?
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If the meters are reading -86 to -90 that means that the signal is between -86dB and -90dB BELOW 0dB Full Scale. Which means they are WAAAAAAAY away from clipping.


Regarding channels only coming out of one speaker, sounds like you have the channel in stereo, when it wants to be mono.


The fader jumping back to its previous value sounds like you have volume automation going on.

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