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Microphone Connection between Logic x and saffire mix contro


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I've been trying forever to understand howq to connect and use my mic between Logic and Saffire Mix control. At 1 point i had it working fine, today(3/28/14) I go back to it and try everything i remember, but nothing works, I can see the meters moving in Logic x and mix control, but no sound from speakers, when i record what I'm saying, I can hear it playback after recording is done. When I used MBOX, no problems, external behringer(spelled Wrong) no problems, i upgrade to saffire pro and it's driving me crazy. I'll pay someone for an easy simple routing solution for me to use my mic .
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Have you emailed them? maybe they can do Skype

I will have a look at my mix control and see if I can figure whats going on. I seem to remember there is a 'monitor routing control'

My sapphire pro has been rock solid with Logic


BTW your supposed to put your set up details in your signature

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Hi there, it'll bet it's to do with the monitoring set up in the Mix Control software, it's highly un-intuitive. There are a couple of vids on YouTUbe that will take you through by essentially you have to route the DAW1 and 2 outputs to the appropriate monitor outputs on your interface. I have the Scarlett 18i20 and it's quite complicated to set up. But look at the outputs section in the Mix Control interface, which is the area below the input faders and see what's routed to what. And the monitor switches in the little box on the right have to be correctly set up too. To blue or grey. The manual is pretty good but the vids are quicker. I spent hours trying to get a signal to both headphone outs! Shouldn't be this fiddly but it is.
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Hi guys,


Daddee1066, please go to Mix Control, go to file>Reset to factory default.



Then go to Routing Presets in Mix Control and Select DAW Tracking. You should have headphone outputs and line level outs now.



If not, can you provide me with an email address/case number from your contact with our US team? I may be able to get someone to contact you ASAP.





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