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Join Audio Files Mixdown bug: It's back.


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I know this has been discussed in regards to L9. I had it a few times back then as well and was able to work around it. As of yesterday, I'm have the issue in a new LX project. When I go to Flatten and Merge an audio folder, or just try to join audio files together or glue them (they're located on one track) I'm getting the mix down window giving me the option to mix it to mono or stereo. Normally I just join or flatten and go about my business. At this point (for this particular project) I have to set my pan to the center and raise the fader to unity and then perform a mono mix bounce. I've tried the trick that I read about here where you convert the audio file another format and back again. I've tried converting all the audio files from wave to aif and back again. I've also tried importing all tracks into a clean project. All this with negative results. I did import just one track into a clean project and could join that normally but when I did the whole song it was a no go. At this point I've given up but I thought I'd post this "just in case" someone has some other insight. Thanks!



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