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This is a big topic, so it's hard to know where to begin, whether it's in laymen's, lamens or lemons terms ;)


Here's a few suggestions to get you started....


1) Pan knob - used to position sounds across the stereo field.

2) Reverb - a (usually) stereo effect used to create a sense of a space around the sound - concert hall, small tiled bathroom, dead closet, etc. In general, you send a version of the sound to an aux that has the reverb on it, that way, multiple tracks can send different sounds to the same reverb.

3) Using more reverb on some tracks to put the sound "back" in the mix and make it sound more distant. Alternatively, the less reverb you use on a track, the more forward the source will sound

4) Delay - used to create discrete echos on a source. These echos can be placed anywhere you want them in the stereo field - opposite or same side as the source, or if the source is in the middle, right behind it or off to one side or on both sides.

5) Doubling - recording the same performance on the same instrument two or more times over and then spreading that across the stereo field via the pan knob. Often done with vocals and guitars.

6) Using similar synth sounds playing the same thing and hard panned on opposite sides to create width.

7) Mixing ambiences (room sound or reverb) in the same song - like putting the kick in a small room, the snare in a big splashy sounding room, the sax in a medium room with some added delay and the bass in no room at all.

7b) Using combinations of stereo sounds and mono sounds, like putting a string orchestra (stereo) behind a vocal (mono), or a piano (stereo) behind a sax (mono).



That should get you started. On top of all that, there are dozens of special plug-ins that do strange and very specific things to a sound to create a stereo effect, like chorus plug-ins, combo reverb and chorus, or reverb and delay and on to much wilder things.



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