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Automation Not Resetting


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I have turned on Sample Accurate Automation, it works at making sure the automation moves are accurate however, every time the automation begins to change and I hit stop and then play, or the loop comes back to the beginning the automation doesn't reset.


For instance.


Filter 1 is closing during the last bar of a 4 bar loop.

I have cycle mode on to work on the section.

When the loop return from the end (bar 4) of the cycle to the beginning (bar 1), the filter should open back up in accordance with the automation data, but it does not. It remains closed until the next automation node comes up.


This is very frustrating because I'm constantly having to manually adjust things to where they should be.


This also does not always happen. Sometimes I have a good 20 loops or stop/plays before Logic decides it's time to stop responding again.


Is there any info on this I'm missing? I've searched to no avail.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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That doesn't even make sense. It's a simple bug fix I'd assume....just read the automation. I'd assume this was a pretty standard feature amongst daws, properly working automation.


If anyone knows a fix please share, this doesn't even seem real...

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Seems the culprit is Sample Accurate Automation. If it's turned off it doesn't error....however...with it off I don't get accurate automation moves for things that are meant to be accurate.


Anyone have any info on this? I don't see why such a simple thing is so difficult.

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I was speaking directly to the team about general Logic X features a few months ago (happened to meet one of the guys at an industry event). After about 4 emails back and forth, I brought up this bug (which destroys my workflow). He said he hasn't heard of it *total bs*. So, I took a video of myself creating the bug in both L9 and LX, and send them along to him. No response. Emailed again a month later, no response. Emailed a last time a month later, no response.


Once Bitwig or Ableton comes out with comping and a decent mixer, then I'm done with Logic. The lack of honest communication is absurd.

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