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Logic Stalling/Choking After Removal of Unused Aux's + Plugs

Ryan PM

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I have a rather large session that was stopping play in complex sections and starting to stutter in others. The session is comprised of mostly VST instruments, audio unit plugins, and bits of cutup audio stems here and there. It is a remix.


I bounced audio for the VST's that were no longer needed and removed those tracks from the session. I also removed quite a few Aux's that were not in use, some of which had many audio unit plugins (session was created from a template). I also removed any plugins on the remaining tracks that were not in use. (At one point I duped the session and selected and deleted unused audio regions to see if that would help. It did not so I moved back to the original session.)


If anything the choking problem has gotten worse since I removed all of these items and I am now receiving the message "Error while trying synchronize audio and midi" and its pulling up "recognized sample rates" in the 22000 range.


Core 8 spiking in the CPU meter. I have tried to lookup how to redistribute the workload across multiple cores but I don't quite understand the advice. Nor do I know if the CPU spike is a false positive for what the problem actually is.


Thanks in advance for your help. My systems specs are below.



I/O Buffer: 1024

Processing Threads: Auto

Process Buffer Range: Small

Sample Rate: 44.1khz

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Hello Eric,


Thank you for your time! Fantastic! That seems to have fixed the stalling/choking issue. The CPU load looks to be more evenly distributed now. A couple cores are close to peaking but the session plays through. It did stop on the first pass during the most complex section but subsequent passes played fine. Such a relief...


Does changing the process buffer size help re-distribute the load?


I'm currently using Logic in 32bit mode. I have worked on a couple sessions in 64 bit mode but I don't believe all my plugins support 62bit. I need to check on that.

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