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Setting Piano Roll zoom so a specific length is visible


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(I'm using Logic Pro 9 on an iMac with OS 10.6.8.)


I'm trying to set the (horizontal) zoom settings of the Piano Roll window (within the arranger window with the inspector and media area both open) such that a midi region is entirely visible without any 'area' outside of the midi region displayed. Basically I'm trying to get a perfect fit of my midi region with the piano roll window. I can get the fit pretty close using the zoom controls on the slide bar and the zoom slider, but I can't ever get the piano roll to show just the midi region. Although it is not at all a big issue, it seems like it should be possible. And it would be nice to be able to work with a 'full-screen view' of midi region without opening the piano roll in a separate window.


In the first screenshot, each midi note is of the same length, and you can see that the last note in the region is a little short, i.e., the region isn't entirely visible. Any attempt to zoom out slightly makes the piano roll window a little too big, as in the second screenshot.


Is there a way that the piano roll window can adjust itself say to a looped region? Or maybe to specify locations for the window to fit itself to? Can the zoom controls be finely adjusted?


Any input is greatly appreciated!


1st screenshot (preview application)


2nd screenshot

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