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Bounce & Export Drummer Track To Multi Audio Files


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Hi all -


I am scoring a film and my drummer track sequence starts on bar 217 (where the scene in the film starts), but when I bounce and export my drummer tracks for mixing, it starts each track bounce at bar 1, which creates 216 empty bars in each audio bounce before the drums start (see attached pic). So, I've been having to spend time deleting bars 1-216 on each file of the bounce so that they are not such huge files with empty space.


Is there any way to bounce a drummer track to multi outputs without having the bounces start at bar 1 and avoid all those empty bars? I can't drag the drum sequence to bar 1 and export because there are tempo map changes prior to bar 217 and I can't change the start time of the whole song to start at bar 217. What I want to do is the equivalent of bounce in place for multi drum outputs, but can't seem to do that - it will only bounce the entire mix of the drums instead of the multi outs.


Thanks in advance!



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You could use route each stem to a bus then create audio tracks with their input set to the bus.

Record enable and record on you audio tracks.


You could also just use the marquee tool and delete the unwanted empty space. Then select all remaining regions and convert them to new audio files. Shouldn't take that much time.

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Hi Eric - thanks for the tips. Question though - when I bounce and export the multis, Logic creates all the drum tracks as audio tracks and assigns these great plug-in templates to each track automatically after the bounce - I really like that as a starting point for mixing (for example - it will automatically assign compression, distortion, etc., to the various tracks after the bounce). If I do your suggestion of routing each stem and then rec. enable, I'll lose those template inserts because it will just be new, empty channel strips that are receiving audio on each.


The Marquee tool is cool, but the time that is consuming is when Logic bounces down from bar 1 no matter where the drums fall in the score. For example, in other places in the film, a scene may start at bar 1200. If I want to export, I'll get 1199 bars of empty audio, which on a multi output, takes an eternity to process!


Any other ideas? It would be perfect I could define the bars that are to be output instead of it always going back to bar 1. Bounce in place works like that, but for some reason, I can't get the same process with bouncing multi drum outs. I wonder why this is?




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