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Recorded voice broken up


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Using Logic Pro X Flex pitch: I have already bought a external HHD and transferred all my sound banks to that so my internal HHD can spend all it's time writing instead of cache'-ing and then writing in spurts but that's exactly what I think is still happening because even with other tracks turned off and minimum latency being used I still get breaks in my vocal track which is really annoying and renders my vocal tracks useless.


What else do I have to do to separate the read from the write on the hhd to prevent this destructive broken vocals?



note the breaks in the sustained vocal

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As it turns out the glitch is in the M-Audio external sound card. There is a knob which controls the amount of playback from Logic Pro back through the M-Audio box to my monitor speakers. This knob also calls for the plug-ins from Logic Pro to apply. It is these plug-ins that are being called for that create the latency and the gaps in recording.


I now turn this knob all the way down (no sound comes out of the M-Audio box now) so I plug my headphones directly into my MAC headphone jack so I can hear the music track as I sing along with it using M-Audio as the imput source while the MAC headphone jack is the output.


It works, there is no more latency or broken gaps in the vocals when I record them. Hope this helps someone else who has teh same issues.

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