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Loopback layout confusion


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I have loopback set up, using a softstep to control 4 controls in loopback, record, undo, clear loop and play/stop. I have mapped controls in the layout with four buttons, the problem that I am having is that the layout button does not correctly show the state of recording in the plug in. In other words the layout will say loopback is not recording when it is and vice versa, it gets very confusing, however, the actual plugin window will show the correct state but this means I have to have the plug in window open asI perform and on a 13 MBP this takes up quiet a bit of space. Is there any way to set a button on the layout that will correctly give me the recording state of loopback as seen in the plug in window, I have tried everything. Also I have Mainstage 2, and everthing works as it is supposed to but the same settings don't transfer to MS3. Thanks in advance Dom


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