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Latency question


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Someone here very helpfully pointed out that Mainstage shows the latency at the bottom of every channel strip. My question is, looking the different numbers at the bottom of each channel strip - to these all add up regardless of the type of channel? In other words if I have 0.8 ms on my audio input (due to loaded plugins) and I also have an aux with 1.5ms - do I add these to numbers together even if my audio signal is not going through that aux? Or do I only add the aux latency if my audio is going through that channel?


I'm guessing I have to add it even if the signal doesn't pass through it otherwise there would be all kinds of delay issues when signals from different channels are mixed together.


I believe I read that in Logic that auxes do not add to the overall latency. But I may be wrong about that.


I realise driver and A/D latency are an added issue but here I am just trying to understand the latency caused by added plugins and how that works.


Thanks for any help on this.

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Thanks Eric this really clears things up for me.


So just to make sure I understand this.


One aux channel's latency does not affect any other aux channel, input channel or virtual instrument's latency - unless they are routed to that aux.


The latency on an input channel will not affect the latency of any other channel. Same with virtual instruments.


Have I got this right?



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