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Selecting multiple MIDI takes for deletion


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I am sure someone has already posted this, but I can't find it. When recording using take folders in MIDI, how can you select multiple takes to delete at once? I have been recording a bunch of takes, and I have had to delete them each by highlighting them, then musing the menu in the top right of the take folder section and going to the 'delete take' command. How can I just highlight a bunch, and delete them all at once? I am sure it is simple, I just haven't found the answer online yet. Thank you.
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I still can't get it to work. I can get multiple tracks highlighted, by drawing a box (using shift and clicking them did not work) and I get to this:526420344_Screenshot2014-04-06at9_14_33PM.png.9869499019984e6a133f6cc2fc0c268e.png


Then, I tried hitting the delete key, and nothing happened. Trying edit-delete did not work either. How do I do it?

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How about unpacking your takes , select all those to be deleted

You haven't unpacked your takes. To do that, click the take folder menu at the top right of the take folder and choose "Unpack".


Note that depending on the number of takes to delete, it may be faster for you to keep the take folder and use the key command "Delete take or comp" to delete takes one at a time.

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