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Auto Backup


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Hi. Wondering how auto backup works.


I was using flex and wanted to set different quantisation for a part of the song, so I split the region where I wanted different settings. By mistake, without realizing it, I changed the quantisation setting for all regions which, of course, erases all manually created markers. I've lost 2 hours of work.


I checked the "revert to" setting but there are no recent backups. Is there any chance that I might retrieve my work?


I don't understand why Apple always complicates these simple things... Why no "auto save every x minutes" preference ... I'm so pissed right now.


Thank you in advance.

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And how come that auto save just decided not to save anything for 2 hours?

I don't know, I've never been in that situation. So, I'm afraid I'm out of ideas to help you in this situation, however to avoid this next time: even with auto-save in Logic X, and even with project alternatives, I still perform manual "Save as" versions of my project at regular intervals, so I may end up with 20 or 30 incremental versions of my project in my project folder. If I ruin something, I open the previous version and find it. If you manually save as a new project every 20mn, then the most work you can lose is 20mn of work.

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I understand that, and I also usually do that, of course.


But right now it's 4 am, my brain is on reserve, and I had to finish some drum editing so that I can continue recording the rest of the band in the morning. I just forgot to save.


No excuse for not implementing such a simple feature. Why does it have to be any more complicated then a simple preference pane were you can choose the frequency of backups? Come on...


Thank for your help, David. I appreciate it.

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